By Hatem Khedr

KUWAIT, Sept 21 – Today, Sunday: Sept 21, is the United Nation’s International Day of Peace.

Contributing to raising public awareness of the importance of peace regionally and globally, among all peoples in the world, some 70 plastic artists, including Kuwaitis, are individually holding an exhibition entitled “Talk Love and Act Peace,” in Kuwait.

It is the third time such an event is being held in Kuwait.

“We are trying to highlight the agony of people, who have been suffering from many abuses in the entire world and the Arab region in particular,” Amira Behbehany, one of the participating artists and the event’s organiser, told KUNA in an interview.

“Art has a noble message that could help the vulnerable people by many means; by advocating and funding them,” she added.

“The art purifies the human souls. We are holding non-profit events. This is not the first one to be held in Kuwait, expressing people from different aspects,” she said.

Behbehany pointed out that the exhibition is to be held at the Life Centre building, in Shuwaikh block 2.

The “Peace One Day – Global Truce 2012 Art Exhibition” was held in Kuwait for the first time, and its revenue worth KD 7,000 (about USD 24,500) was allocated to children in the world, she added.

“The sum was distributed to children by the United Nations,” she said.

‘The Peace One Day’ was an international day of peace and ceasefire. It aimed to make all the people aware of peace regionally and globally.

The second event entitled “In The Name Of Peace” was held in 2013. Its revenue was about KD 10,000 (about USD 35,000) and allocated for orphans.

“About 13 children from Gaza participated in the event, with a number of pieces. They portrayed the Palestinians’ suffering, especially the children, who came under Israeli fire in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip,” she said.

“I focus on children, particularly Kuwaitis, to help them overcome their obstacles.”

Behbehany started her career as a formative artist in 2003, saying that it is important to convey sufferings of people by any kind of art, including formative art, music and dancing.

“Art unites everybody under one roof,” she pointed out, saying that Kuwait is the first Arab country which celebrates the International Day of Peace.

“Art is part of my life, I express human minds and human attitudes,” she said, adding, art should serve humanity and achieve its noble goal.

She added that art is very important as it provides opportunities for self-expression, bringing the inner world into the outer world of concrete reality. Art is a language that has a common sense to all people, by which all people penetrate racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness, she explained.

Concerning preparations for today’s event, she said, it needs coordination with the participants.

“The event needs huge efforts. I have been preparing for this event for about nine months. I and my little team do everything. We have no sponsor,” she added.

“But a friend of mine said: ‘Don’t let money stop you.’

“I develop a theory for each exhibition. I make studies and try to do something different. I delve into the inner side of people, to voice their sufferings. This is the message that I must deliver.”

She said, “In 2011, I traveled to UK to speak with the founder of Peace One Day for a few minutes, to prove that Muslims and Arabs believe in peace and are ready to help the vulnerable people in the entire world,” she recalled.