KUWAIT, Jan 24– The Ministry of Health has in place a well-meaning national health strategy, chief among whose pillars, is to provide optimum eye care to the public, in cooperation with expertise from the WHO, said Minister of Health Dr. Ali Al-Obaidi on Tuesday, at the opening of a streamlined outpatient eye clinic.

The ministry’s far-reaching and ambitious strategy involves updating current hospitals and building new ones and consecrating all efforts at providing all patients with excellent care now and beyond the boundaries of the nation’s development plan for the period after 2015, said the Minister in a speech, opening the streamlined eye clinic and two wards at a burn center, and a new microbiological lab.

With regard to eye care, he said the ministry was working closely with the WHO to provide eye care in the best way possible now and through 2020, noting that the nation’s major eye care center, known as the Abdulrahman Al-Bahar eye center, had recently organized a successful workshop for its staff in conjunction with the WHO, to ensure that eye diseases are well attended and treated by them.

He made mention in his speech to the new microbiological lab at the Ibn Sina Hospital, saying it was fully equipped to handle speedy requests for examinations and tests, especially those necessitating the selection of the right kind of antibiotic medicine.