BRUSSELS, May 6 — Kuwait Tuesday called for continuous work and coordination between the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to find a political solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Speaking at an EU-GCC political dialogue of senior officials in Brussels, Counsellor Abdullah Al Moayad from the GCC administration in the Kuwait Foreign Ministry said the solution should be based on the Geneva 1 accord of 2012 and guarantee the security, stability and territorial sovereignty of Syria.

“The humanitarian situation in Syria is dangerous and getting worse,” warned Al Moayad who led the four-member Kuwaiti delegation at the meeting.

He noted that as the Syrian crisis enters into its fifth year not much attention has been given to the situation of millions of children who have lost their education due to the war and destruction.

“Therefore we hope that the EU through its humanitarian and relief organisations would create the appropriate means such as mobile schools for the children in the refugee centres,” he said.

The Kuwaiti official noted that Kuwait has hosted three international donors’ conferences to help the humanitarian situation in Syria and he underlined the responsibility of the international community towards the Syrian people.

Meanwhile, the 21st EU-GCC political dialogue ended here this afternoon after discussing developments in the region including Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya, human rights issues and fight against terrorism.

The EU-GCC cooperation committee met here yesterday and discussed ways to boost economic, trade, energy and investments cooperation between the two regional blocs.