Juba Urban Programme – WFP – Inter-Agency Cash Working Group

Juba Urban Programme (JUP)

The JUP was created in a context of increasing urban food insecurity especially after 2016.

The latest WFP Food Security and Nutrition assessments show that food insecurity levels for urban Juba, Wau and Bor have reached 76%, 67% and 85% of households respectively. Economic crisis with exchange rate deterioration, lack of jobs and inflation compound the problem.


1. Providing humanitarian assistance through conditional cash transfers to the most vulnerable households in urban localities to improve their food security status, and

2. Capacity building of vulnerable households and communities in basic skills that would support the improvement of food security by creating synergies with the cash transfers The main objective is to address emergency food insecurity of households while providing capacity building on complementary basic skills to vulnerable urban residents.

Source: World Food Programme