Jordan’s first EV charger station opens in Irbid

Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) Chairman Ziyad Saaida Tuesday opened Jordan’s first major electric vehicle charging station in Al-Hosn near Irbid.

He said charging electric vehicles is a priority of the energy sector’s economic modernization and comprehensive development vision, adding that more chargepoints will open in Irbid and the other governorates of the Kingdom.

The EMRC, he stressed, is keen on expanding vehicle charging facilities to cope with an increase in electric cars, promote the use of EVs and invest in projects and initiatives related to climate change and green transportation.

Saaida said there are more than 60 licensed charge points at gas stations, in addition to 14 at shopping malls, hospitals and other facilities, adding that the commission had issued 350 permits to establish stations across the Kingdom, and it continued to receive licensing applications.

Source: Jordan News Agency