JBA values King’s efforts to stop aggression on Gaza; protect national economy

Jordan’s business community expressed its appreciation for His Majesty King Abdullah II’s great efforts to stop the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. The community also expressed pride in His Majesty’s unrelenting efforts to strengthen the national economy and attract investments and promote existing projects and opportunities in the Kingdom in vital, value-added sectors. In remarks to “Petra,” on Thursday, President of Jordan Businessmen Association (JBA), Hamdi Tabbaa, referred to agreements signed Wednesday on the sidelines of His Majesty’s meeting with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, which covered multiple vital sectors that affirm the Kingdom’s capability to attract more investments. During His Majesty’s visit, Tabbaa noted memorandums of understanding (MoU) for infrastructure projects in the Kingdom were signed, primarily in energy, water and railway sectors, as well as two enterprises for operating the multi-purpose port in Aqaba and establishing a port communications system, which would increase attractiveness of Aqaba’s ports regionally. . These projects, Tabbaa said, will work to raise growth next year and reduce unemployment rates, which put pressure on the national economy, and help support plans for the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV). Additionally, Tabbaa noted support provided by the UAE’s Abu Dhabi Fund for Development worth $400 million will help raise competitiveness of Jordanian industries. This assistance would be reflected in the gas pipeline network project in development and industrial estates and the advantages granted to Jordan to attract tourists for projects to develop the area adjacent to the Baptism Site, he pointed out. As for digital transformation project of Ministry of Health, he said this move will spare time and effort on the medical staff and patients and control requests for procuring drugs and medical supplies, which would reflect “positively” on the state’s general budget with regard to the ministry’s allocations.

Source: Jordan News Agency