KUWAIT, Oct 24 — Iraq’s Speaker of the Council of Representatives Salim Al-Jabouri and a delegation of lawmakers departed Kuwait on Thursday after a three-day visit, during which talks were held with local lawmakers and officials.

Speaking before his departure, he described his visit to Kuwait as a “success” highlighted by “positive meetings”, which included the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim.

He hailed the recent UN decision to designate Kuwait a “humanitarian centre” and the Amir, a “humanitarian leader”.

“This represents a sense of pride for Iraq, Kuwait and the Arab and Islamic worlds,” he said.

The delegation accompanying him on his visit represented “all of Iraq’s factions”, he noted, and came to enhance joint cooperation under all fields that benefit their interests on a basis of mutual respect.

They also came to formulate joint Arab action through which they may overcome the problems and issues affecting the region, he added.

Talks he had held also discussed future prospects of the two nations’ relationship, through “aiming for a clean slate after the dark history witnessed between both countries and looking forward to a better and flourishing period of joint cooperation.”

The visit resulted in the success of forming a number of points of consensus between their parliaments through joint committees that have managed to end many bilateral issues – efforts he welcomed as “exceptional”.

He also said he had extended an invitation for his Kuwaiti counterpart, Al-Ghanim, to visit Iraq, adding that an exact date was not yet determined.

Describing a recent visit made by Kuwait’s First Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister to Iraq, at the head of an Arab League delegation, he said it was “positive, during which both sides discussed issues in transparency and clarity.”

He added, “I would like to assure the people of Kuwait, the Arab region and the world that Iraqis are united in facing the threat of terrorism and facing whoever seeks to divide national unity.

“We all represent one voice and aspiration and are making strides towards the security and stability of Iraq and the region.”

He also said that the Iraqi parliament welcomes their government’s steps to enlist international support in the fight against Islamic State militants, who are attacking both Iraq and Syria.

The visiting lawmakers were seen off by Kuwait’s Deputy Parliament Speaker Mubarak Al-Khurainij, Head of the Honorary mission MP Faisal Al-Shayie, Kuwait Ambassador to Iraq Ghassan Al-Zowawi, and Iraqi Ambassador to Kuwait Mohammad Hussain.