Iran: Israeli attacks on Syria represent a flagrant violation of international laws

Iran’s permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amir Saeid Iravani, affirmed that the Israeli terrorist attacks, which systematically and deliberately target vital infrastructure in Syria, represent “a flagrant violation of international laws.”

In a letter to President of the Security Council and the United Nations Secretary-General, Iravani, stressed that the Israeli occupation entity continues its aggressive actions against Syria without any punishment from the international community, particularly the UN Security Council.

“In the late months, the Israeli entity has openly violated the humanitarian laws and systematically and deliberately targeted vital infrastructure in Syria, including Damascus and Aleppo international airports, which are vital routes for humanitarian aid and relief efforts after the recent earthquake,” he said., asserting that the Syrian vital infrastructure has been greatly damage.

The Iranian diplomat called for respecting Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, stressing that due to the Israeli aggression, and the serious consequences of these illegal and criminal actions on the regional and international peace and security, as well as the serious challenges to the rule of law, the international community, mainly the Security Council, must take decisive measures to put an end to these violations and hold the Israeli entity accountable for all its actions that violate international laws.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency