IOM South Sudan Overview 2018 (12 April 2019)

IOM is implementing a diverse humanitarian response to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. IOM provides support to hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs)� including those seeking shelter in UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) protection of civilian sites (PoCs)�and other vulnerable populations, including host communities, across the country.

IOM is increasing community stabilization, social cohesion and resilience programming to create conditions for peaceful coexistence and lay the foundations for sustainable development.

In a difficult working context with considerable logistical challenges and shrinking humanitarian access, IOM emphasizes coordination, flexible programming and direct implementation, including a wide field-based infrastructure.

South Sudan continues to experience widespread conflict and severe food insecurity amid worsening socio-economic conditions. Displacement dynamics are continually shifting, and humanitarian needs remain immense across an expanding area. After many years of conflict, there is a need to address root causes of instability and begin to restore individual, household and community cohesion, particularly for women and youth.

Source: International Organization for Migration