IOM South Sudan: Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness Report | December 2019



? EVD team participated in marking the 16 days of activism against gender based violence from 25th November to 10th December.

? Conducted end of year review meetings with volunteers from Yei SSRRC, Yei Airstrip, Attende, Marakonye and Gimunu.

? Supplied IPC/WASH materials to five health facilities (Kerwa PHCC, Morobo PHCC, Kaya PHCC, Rhodoba PHCU and Khorijho PHCU).

? IOM team continued to support IPC/WASH activities at the 15 PoEs (Yei Airstrip, SSRRC, Kaya, Salia Musalla, Morobo, Bazi, Kerwa, Pure, Khorijho, Khor Kaya, Bori, Berigo, Nimule check-point, Nimule river docking and Juba Airstrip), as well as seven health facilities (Yei state hospital, Kaya PHCC, Rhodoba PHCU, Panyume PHCC, Kerwa PHCC, Khorijho PHCU and Morobo PHCC). Two IOM supported health facilities (Lasu PHCC, Kirikwa PHCC) remain suspended following a security incident on 27th October 2019. As part of the support to health facilities, IOM conducted health facility assessments in seven health facilities and supplied various IPC/WASH materials to Panyume PHCC in Kajokeji County and Yei State hospital.


? Twenty-two EVD-dedicated FMPs continued operating at the borders with DRC, Uganda and CAR, of which six are operated in cooperation with DTM Uganda on the Ugandan side of the border. Lasu and Tokori FMPs (Yei County) remained inactive due to security constraints.

? IOM delivered a presentation to the EVD National Strategy Workshop on the results of Flow Monitoring and of the two Participatory Mapping Exercises held in Yei and Juba. The presentation focused on prioritizing mobility corridors, points of entry, and points of congregation deemed at high risk of EVD transmission based on the collected evidence on flows from EVD-affected areas, healthcare seeking behavior and other flows at-risk.


? Active screening ongoing in 17 active IOM-supported PoEs sites in Yei river, Jubek, Wau and Torit states.

? Renovation of Nimule PoE.

Source: International Organization for Migration