IOM South Sudan Core Pipeline 2019 | Quarter 2 Report

271 metric tons of items transported for preposition and response

96% of the total requested items delivered within 15 days

103 pipeline requests honoured and processed

3 Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) conducted

IOM manages a portion of the WASH Pipeline and 100 per cent of the S-NFI Pipeline, together they make up the IOM Core Pipeline. During this quarter, IOM continued to work closely with the State Focal Points and national and international agencies that are members of the WASH, S-NFI, Logistics, and other Clusters to ensure prioritized and coordinated coverage across the country, minimizing gaps and the overlap of services. Due to the lack of reliable transport service providers and poor infrastructure in South Sudan, strategic preposition of supplies in key-hub locations across the country, particularly during the short window of dry season in which roads are accessible, is vital for Pipeline programming. The pipeline continued with the prepositioning of stock in the various logistics hubs across the country, maximizing on the last window of the dry season before the onset of the rains in May

Source: International Organization for Migration