IOM DTM South Sudan Displacement Site Flow Monitoring: December 2019

IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix conducted 8,095 interviews representing 21,225 individual movements into and out of Bentiu Protection of Civilian (PoC) site, Malakal PoC site, Wau PoC Adjacent Area (AA) and Wau collective centres (Cathedral, Nazareth, St. Joseph, Lokoloko and Masna combined in analysis) in December 2019.

Increase in return related activities at Bentiu PoC site: a growing number of residents interviewed at the site’s gates report leaving to check on property or to attempt to return home Rubkona (Nhialdiu, Ngop), Guit (Nyathor, Wathnyona) and Koch (Boaw, Ngony). This trend coincides with the beginning of the dry season in Bentiu and concomitant improvement in road conditions. Failed attempts to return home had been mainly directed at locations in Guit, Rubkona and Koch due to a perceived lack of access to services (healthcare). Those who intended to permanently leave Bentiu PoC site did so cautiously by most commonly leaving family behind (monthly average of 81% in 2019). This stands in contrast to Wau PoC AA where most previous homes are closer-by and where permanent leavers have been fewer in totals but where the monthly average of those permanently exiting the site leaving behind family stood at 46 per cent (2019).

Increased overnight journeys (short-longer term) from Malakal PoC site: the proportion of interviewed gate-crossing residents either returning from or embarking on overnight journeys doubled since August. It should be noted that DTM’s biometric registration was ongoing in December 2019 which in combination with improved road conditions was likely to have led to increased travel to and from the site (although a direct causative link between the road conditions and migration cannot be backed up by DSFM data).

Travel to and from Sudan decreasing at Bentiu- but increasing at Malakal PoC site: movement to and from Sudan (excluding same-day travel) has seen a steady increase at Malakal PoC site since an all-year low in August 2019 (6%) making up a quarter of travel in December (25%). Conversely, at 13 per cent of all overnight movements, Sudan seem to have decreased at Bentiu PoC site since an all-year high in June 2019 (35%).

Movement out of Wau PoC AA remains cautious with little overnight stays out: Wau PoC AA site has seen little overnight travel since April 2019 when same-day travel (no night spent away from the site) rose from a monthly average of 28% between January and April to a monthly average of 93% between May and December 2019. It should be noted that neighbouring Jur River witnessed a number of violent clashes between farmers and pastoralists inducing wide-spread displacement with 12,346 newly registered individuals from Jur River at Wau displacement sites between March and June 2019 as reported on in the DTM report Jur River Displacement To Wau (March-June 2019) available on

Source: International Organization for Migration