Inter-Agency CWG South Sudan: Quarterly dashboard – Third quarter 2019 (published on 17 December 2019)

In the third quarter (July to September) of 2019, Inter Agency Cash Working Group (IA � CWG) partners reported the transfer of US$ 4.0million of both Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) to 137,000 households (827,000 individuals) in South Sudan. Seventy four percent (74%) of this assistance was through a cash modality due to the availability and functionality of markets. In addition, most of the assistance was unconditional, that is, there are no restrictions to qualify.

Of 87,000 the individuals receiving CVA, 61% were female, inline with DTM data showing most displaced persons are women with the fact that CVA activities were in displaced locations. As the IA – CWG monitors CVA activities in all sectors, in this period, 95% of the total CVA value was channeled through the Food Security and Livelihood cluster.

Source: International Organization for Migration