MUSCAT: Under BP Oman’s initiative ebda for Enterprise Development Projects, Injaz Oman on Monday, signed agreements with three companies at The Research Council (TRC) in Azaiba to provide entrepreneurship and leadership skills to 3,000 youths.

The agreements were signed by Shabib al Maamari, executive director of Injaz Oman and representatives of partnering companies, in the presence of Khalid al Kindi, deputy general manager, BP Oman, and under the auspices of Sayyid Dr Fahad bin al Julanda al Said, assistant secretary general for Innovation and Development at TRC.

Addressing the gathering, Kindi said, “We are committed to developing the capabilities in different sectors as part of our in-country values (ICV) strategy, and ebda is one of our initiatives towards developing Omani talent.

“With the help of Injaz Oman, we aim to support 3,000 youths by providing employment opportunities by the end of this year.” The agreements were signed with ASM Technologies, Youth Vision and Outward Bound Oman under the umbrella of ebda education, which is part of BP Oman’s social investment programme. Maamari said, “Since Injaz Oman’s inception, development has been one of our key priorities as an organisation. With BP Oman’s investment, Injaz Oman will achieve exponential growth, as our commitments through these partnerships strive towards a shared unified goal.

“The collaborative strategy that BP Oman has brought together through this investment will have a greater impact on the society, as we will be able to achieve our aim of supporting 3,000 students through the integrated partnerships, while keeping Oman’s long term development in mind.”

Under ebda, Injaz Oman will focus on delivering educational projects in entrepreneurship and leadership among youths, including providing vocational training, workshops in entrepreneurship skills, and imparting leadership skills to them.

As an associate implementing partner with ebda education, Youth Vision will provide three educational projects, imparting vocational skills, training for employment, leadership, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills. ASM Technologies will be training 40 Omanis on digital media with a specialisation in virtual reality through SAS Virtual Reality, a regional centre established to develop a virtual reality infrastructure.

Outward Bound Oman will provide four unique courses this year as part of the programme, which will be held in Oman’s deserts and mountains.

Speaking about BP Oman’s ICV objectives, Kindi said, “The Khazzan project is a unique partnership model which aims to not only add value to the country but will also co-create socio-economic value with the support of the government, and with the cooperation of the community and private sector.

“By putting our relevant long and short-term community investment strategies into practice, we are hoping to achieve the desired positive impact for the country, the community and for BP.” Injaz Oman also signed an agreement with the Oman Road Safety Association as part of ebda education for the ‘Buckle Up!’ campaign, earlier this month.