Hezbollah issued a statement condemning the ‘Israeli’ Occupation Forces [IOF] troops storming the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque and their attack and arrest of Palestinian worshipers. The statement read: “Hezbollah strongly condemns the ‘Israeli’ Occupation Forces [IOF] storming of the courtyards of the al-Aqsa Mosque and its assaults on worshipers and those in i’tikaf [the Islamic practice consisting of a period of staying in a mosque for a certain number of days], beating women and men and arresting hundreds of worshipers; and by so, violating the sanctity of the House of Allah and the first Muslim qibla and clearing the way for settlers to enter and desecrate the mosque’s courtyards. What the IOF have done is a flagrant violation of the sanctity of devotees and al-Quds [Jerusalem], affecting all Muslims, Christians and free people in the world. Furthermore, it violates all religious, moral and human values, and calls for the widest campaign of condemnation from all honorable and free people in the world. It is a blatant message to advocates of normalization – be they countries or governments – about the true image of this enemy, its terrorism and criminality. Hezbollah declares its full solidarity with the Palestinian people and the Resistance factions. It affirms that it backs them in all the steps they take to protect the worshipers and the al-Aqsa Mosque as well as to deter the enemy from continuing its attacks.”

Source: National News Agency-Lebanon