Hakim: The Upcoming Elections Are Crucial And We Need A New Social Covenant

Baghdad  The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar Al-Hakim, described the upcoming parliamentary elections as “crucial,” stressing the need for a “new social covenant.”

Al-Hakim said on the third anniversary of the founding of the National Wisdom Movement (NWM) , “NWM was subjected to attacks and abortions, but it stood firm and defended and clarified its project without entering into side conflicts,” noting that “some described the NWM’s step at that time as risks and unthinkable move, but the wisdom proved its strength as a political trend that expresses the aspiration of young people.” Pointing out that “the social covenant for the year 2003 is no longer able to run the state, and we need a new covenant commensurate with the changes and the nature of the stage. ”

He added: They warned us at the time against betting on the youth, and today they talk about them, about their empowerment and their position, and the workshops that were held today on the sidelines of the third anniversary of the emergence of NWM from young men and women of the NWM and its output in the field of prospecting, opportunities and challenges are the best evidence of the bet’s sincerity. “NWM is no exception to the rest of the reform projects that are exposed to what others are exposed to and NWM is a link between previous generations and subsequent generations. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency