Government Communication Ministry begins ‘Tafaseel’ programme by visiting Azraq

Azraq: The Ministry of Government Communications Saturday began implementing the first field tours for media people and journalists within the “Tafaseel” programme on field visits by the media across the country.

Government Communications Minister Muhannad Mubaideen, journalists and media people visited tourist attractions and development sites in the Azraq District in Zarqa that highlight achievements during the reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

Mubaideen said that “Tafaseel” is “at the core of the Ministry of Government Communications’s work,” adding that the programme aims to shed light on the governorates’ and regions’ achievements, initiatives and challenges during the last 25 years.

The media team began its tour with a visit to the Al-Shomari Wildlife Reserve. The Reserve’s director, Obaida Harisha, said the Al-Shomari, established in 1975 on ??22 square kilometres, resettled endangered species, especially the Arabian oryx.

Harisha added that 12,000 people visit annually for activities organise
d by the Visitor Centre, which was established during the reign of His Majesty the King in 2017.

The Azraq Water Reserve’s director, Hazem Harisha, told the visiting media team about the history of its establishment in 1978 on 73 square kilometres, adding that the Azraq Oasis had almost disappeared due to the excessive use of water.

He said about 10 per cent of the size of the oasis was restored as of 2017 and the wetland system was preserved to ensure the sustainability of wildlife necessary for the migration paths of birds.

He added that 28,000 people visited the tourist attraction in 2023, half of whom were Jordanians, urging increasing tourism awareness.

Mubaideen said his Ministry aims to strengthen communication with the community media network in the governorates and remote areas to understand the reality of the situation and highlight their achievements.

Source: Jordan News Agency