German Embassy and AGDS Provide Scholarships to Namibian Students Studying for a Bachelor of Education

The lack of qualified teachers is one of the main challenges faced by the Namibianeducation system. For many years, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany inNamibia and the AGDS (Arbeits- und Fouml;rdergemeinschaft der Deutschen Schulvereine inNamibia) have therefore provided scholarships to Namibian students studying for aBachelor of Education in order to make this study course more attractive. On 29 June2016, H.E. Ambassador Christian Schlaga of the German Embassy Windhoek, handedover an amount of 127.500,00 N$ to the AGDS. With this sum, the Embassy is financingthe tuition fees for four students this year.

Last year Bianca Menne, Svea Oestlund, Ilze Schumann und Denise //Khoi-Aos receivedthe scholarship from the German Embassy. I always wanted to become a Germanteacher so that I can inspire children to learn German and perhaps become Germanteachers themselves one day. Without the support of the AGDS and the Embassy thatwould not have been possible.rdquo; said Denise //Khoi-Aos, who was present the handing-overof the cheques. Ambassador Schlaga emphasized the importance of the teachingprofession and encouraged students so seek out contact with German teaching students,so that they might sit in on classes at a German school after finishing their studies andbefore beginning their employment at a Namibian school.

The AGDS is the umbrella organisation for eight parents’ boards, representing ten schoolswhere German as a First Language is taught. Currently, 12 students are provided withbursaries, who in exchange agree to teach German as a mother tongue or German as aForeign Language at one of the AGDS schools for some years once they have completedtheir education.

The AGDS, supported by the German Embassy, makes an important contribution to thesupport and education of new teachers in Namibia.

Source: The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany