KUWAIT, Oct 16 — Gulf Cooperation Council information ministers concluded their 22nd meeting on Wednesday with a number of recommendations and decisions aimed at further integration resulting from the Kuwait-held talks.

They recommended the formation of committee of undersecretaries, headed by Kuwait, to follow up on a strategic assessment conducted by the consultancy authority.

The committee would meet twice a year to analyse progress on current adopted programmes and propose new projects.

They also recommended the organization of campaigns aimed at improving the image of the six states internally and externally, through tackling the threat imposed by terrorism and fundamentalist ideologies that distort the image of Islam and Muslims.

The ministers called to hold an expanded conference aimed at enacting the joint media work strategy.

The event will be attended by officials, mediapersons, academics and experts, who will come up with a clear outline on how to face challenges the GCC is faced with – particularly from those of a “delinquent ideology.”

They adopted the creation of an advanced website – representing an e-gateway similar to that of the EU – providing officially documented detailed information on the geopolitical bloc and each of its nations.

They also called for encouraging member states to place regulations and mechanisms for the use of social networking websites “as is carried out on the international”.

On this they referred to a study compiled by Bahrain on the issue to the internal e-media committee, which will in turn produce a practical programme on the matter.

They called to raise the level of media cooperation with both Jordan and Morocco, in order to make use of the experience they possess in the field.

They also recommended that each of the states open up a frequency which will air the joint official radio channel “This is the Gulf”, which currently airs only from Bahrain.

On their adoptions, the ministers decided to prohibit the advertising of smoking across audio and audiovisual media outlet, while obliging tobacco companies to adhere to these measures.

They also expressed support of Qatar’s media campaign on its hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, regarding it an achievement for all of the six nations.

On this, they stressed the need to contribute positively to these efforts and to thwart any attempts to undermine the scheduled event’s reputation.

The ministers also hailed Kuwait’s hosting of the GCC Media Forum, and welcomed Qatar’s invitation to host the next ministerial meeting in Doha.