For the first time in almost a decade learning materials reach South Kordofan

KHARTOUM/JUBA For the first time since 2011, education supplies reached Kauda in South Kordofan. Through collaboration between UNICEF and WFP in Sudan and in neighboring South Sudan, 800 children can recommence learning. The supplies, including school-in-a-box kits containing everything you need to make a school, were transported from South Sudan across the border. This allows children in Kauda to not only continue their education, but, also provides some normalcy in a difficult situation.

Several years of conflict in South Kordofan, has left many children vulnerable, out of school and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. South Kordofan recently became accessible resulting from an on-going peace dialogue and a temporary cessation of hostilities. Over the coming months, UNICEF and partners plan to scale up humanitarian assistance in the newly-accessible areas, including Kauda, through cross-border convoys with supplies from South Sudan. Education was identified as one of the key needs and priority for the community in Kauda and in response therefore, UNICEF plans to distribute school supplies as well as toys and games for over 6000 students.

Each back-to-school kit contains a school bag holding essential learning supplies including a notebook, pencils and coloring pencils. UNICEF is also providing teaching materials, textbooks, toys and games to be used in the schools.

While the kits distributed will get schools up and running within days, UNICEF is working with Federal and State Ministries of Education to ensure long term quality education services are established in the area. This will ensure equitable access to learning, prevent dropout and other disruptions in children’s education.

Education is not just the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. Educated children are better equipped to take care of themselves now and in the years to come and will contribute to a more peaceful Sudan.

The United Nations humanitarian agencies in Sudan and South Sudan will continue to provide sustained assistance to address food security, health, education and livestock health deficits in the newly accessible areas in South Kordofan.

Source: UN Children’s Fund