Fneideq bids farewell martyr Ali Sayyid in official, popular funeral

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The town of Fneideq on Wednesday bid farewell army martyre, Ali Sayyid, in a huge official and popular funeral, in the presence of MP Qassem Abdul Aziz representing former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, MPs Khaled Zahrman and Nidal Tohme, and Army Commander, General Jean Qahwaji’s Representative Colonel Walid Kurdi.

The funeral also took place in the presence of scores of local municipal, mayoral, party, political, religious and social dignitaries.

The coffin, wrapped with the Lebanese flag, was received in several Akkari towns and villages along the route from the town of al Mouhamara to the martyr’s hometown Fneideq, whereby thousands of people gathered along both sides of the roads to welcome the coffin in his last march towards cemetery.

Akkar Mufti, Sheikh Zaid Bakkra Zakkariya, led prayers on the fallen martyr’s soul prior to burial.

In his delivered word, Sheikh Zakariya called for speeding up the release of all the remaining detainees of the army and ISF, hoping that Ali’s comrades in detention would not meet same fate.

Martyr Ali’s father said that “Today, I’m not only Ali’s father but also the father of all Lebanon’s martyrs.”

For his part, General Jean Qahwaji’s Representative Colonel Walid Kurdi, pledged exerting further sacrifices for preserving Lebanon.

“They believe that through their criminal acts rejected by all religions and the Human Rights Declaration, they will intimidate the army and the Lebanese people. This barbaric behavior, which has not been witnessed in the history, upped our resolve to erase this phenomenon,” he stated.