Fatfat; March 14 disclosed all its papers

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Future” parliamentary bloc member, Ahmad Fatfat, confirmed that his party was “open to all names”, pointing that March 14 has unveild all its papers in yesterday’s initiative.

“We have to wait for the coming few hours to see the responses on March 14 initiative which on Tuesday was put at the disposal of Lebanese officials,” Fatfat told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Wednesday.

The MP noted that,there was no response, neither negative nor positive, to the initiative so far, describing that as a positive indication.

The lawmaker rejected the presence of a list of 8 candidates to the presidency post, explaining “there is an open dialogue and any person might be a candidate if he were able to secure the parliament’s majority.”

Fatfat added that after the chances of MP Michel Aoun and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea were vanished, March 14 would search for a consensual candidate among all the Lebanese without exception.

The MP added that the mechanism of nominating certain persons for presidency would be consultations among all parties on the parliamentary level, pointing that each candidate has now the opportunity to present himself and make his communications.

“March 14 disclosed yesterday [Tuesday] all its papers, and who has other papers let him reveal them,” Fatfat concluded.