Event Tracking and Head Count Report Pibor UNMISS Adjacent Area (AA) (12 March 2020)

On 5 March 2020, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) conducted a head count in the area adjacent to the UNMISS base in Pibor Town to get the most accurate estimate number of IDPs who were displaced to the site due to the ongoing communal clashes linked to cattle raiding between the Lou Nuer and Murle ethnic groups. The team counted a total of 8,491 IDPs / 1,552 households who fled to the site since 18 February 2020. Forty-four per cent of IDPs (3,804 ind. / 663 households) arrived from Pibor/Gogolthin Payam and the same proportion from Lekuangole Payam (3,779 ind. / 703 households). Another 178 IDPs (31 households) arrived from Gumuruk Payam and the remaining 730 IDPs (125 households) did not feel comfortable disclosing information about their area of habitual residence prior to displacement.

Food, shelter and non-food items were identified as the most urgent needs by the population staying on site.

DTM observed high mobility among the site residents who are leaving the site during the day to collect food (e.g. fishing on Pibor River) and shelter materials. IDPs from Pibor Town are also undertaking daily trips to check on their properties before deciding to return home with the rest of the household members. This group of IDPs expressed an intention to return as soon as security has improved / risk has reduced. Overall, IDPs from affected areas, including Lekuangole, stated that they are currently monitoring the security situation and taking stock of lost family members and neighbors in their areas of habitual residence.

Source: International Organization for Migration