Electricity Minister receives top Rotary official

Manama: Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza received Governor of Rotary 2452 Shaukat Tadros after his appointment, which makes him in charge of Rotary clubs in Bahrain, UAE, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus, Armenia and Georgia.

Former governors of Rotary clubs Imad AlMoayad and Khalil al-Sharif, incoming Bahrain governor Mazen al-Omran, and current assistant governor Farid Boushahri were present.

The minister praised the activities of Rotary clubs and their efforts to serve the community in various voluntary areas such as collecting donations and redirecting them to build charitable projects that serve all members of the society without discrimination based on human values and principles.

The clubs also look at the concerns of the local community by adopting humanitarian, health, educational and other issues, and the spirit of public service to all spectrums of society. The minister also made a presentation during the meeting on the plans and projects in the electricity, water and sustainable energy sector and achievements in these areas.

The new governor reviewed the projects and future plans of Rotary clubs in the region and in Bahrain, where it is at the forefront of making qualitative progress in humanitarian issues that the club is working to adopt.

The visitors thanked the minister and officials for the welcome and the hospitality and their cooperation with Rotary clubs and their unlimited support for everything that promotes the progress and prosperity in the fields of charity in Bahrain.

Source: Bahrain News Agency