Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update – Monthly Report March 2019


? Opening of four new FMPs on the borders with CAR and the DRC in Western Equatoria (Tambura and Ezo Counties), bringing the total of FMPs in the Greater Equatorias supporting the EVD preparedness activities to 11.

? New point of entry (PoE) screening site at Khor-Kaya/Busia started full screening operations of inbound traveler to South Sudan on 21 March 2019 bringing the total number of active PoE sites established by IOM in Yei River State to ten.

? The Yei State Task Force (STF) endorsed the recommendation to set-up a PoE at Lasu payam after which IOM was requested to go ahead with setting-up the PoE at Lasu. Lasu is a converging point for the South Sudanese returnees and DRC refugees from the DRC-South Sudan Border at Libogo.

? At Berigo PoE (in progress), IOM finalized the construction of two emergency pit latrine stances and the primary screening tent.

? Hygiene promotion activities commenced in the newly established Kerwa PoE site reaching a total of 604 (332 female and 272 male) individuals with hygiene promotion and EVD preparedness messaging.

Source: International Organization for Migration