Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update 8 (18 – 24 February 2019)


Active EVD screening remains ongoing at 8 Point of Entry (PoE) sites. Health and hygiene promoters continued to reach populations in all target areas through house-tohouse visits; sessions held at water points, markets, and schools, as well as and jerrycan cleaning campaigns

On 21 February, Humanitarian Coordinator and Humanitarian Country Team members from Juba visited Attende IDPs and the Yei EVD isolation site, and discussed EVD preparedness with the Governor of Yei River State, Mr. Emmanuel Adil Anton

Construction of a secondary screening site and two more latrine stances is ongoing at Bazi PoE site


-Tokori is still inaccessible by road and remains without mobile network. Therefore, reports from the site are not received in a timely manner

Continued insecurity in the outskirts of Yei has prevented assessment of other crossing points in the area

Lujulu is still inaccessible, resulting in the delayed establishment of five PoE sites in the area


The reporting week recorded a 12.47 per cent decline in entry traveller screening for EVD exposure and symptoms with a total screened of 10,129 inbound travelers to South Sudan at the eight screening sites. Last week’s influx of travelers from Pure Point of Entry (PoE) has gone back to its usual average as observed on ground.

There were 29 fever cases in the reporting week. These cases were referred to the nearest health facility of the respective PoEs (AAH-supported facilities of Rodoba Primary Healthcare Centre, Kaya Primary Healthcare Centre and Morobo Primary Healthcare Centre) and all were confirmed positive for malaria and given treatment.

There were no alert cases reported during the week.

Source: International Organization for Migration