Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update 27 (1 – 7 July 2019)



? Set-up of 2 tents for primary and secondary screening, 2 stances of temporary latrines and a waste pit were completed at the Isebi PoE site. Screening will commence once the WASH and Health teams completed the trainings to screeners and casual workers. In addition,

Repair of two hand pumps of the borehole was completed at the Isebi and Busia PoE sites to provide safe access to clean water for communities around the two PoE sites


? DTM operated 15 FMPs on the border with DRC, Uganda and the Central African Republic of which 11 submitted data in time for the weekly report (data included for longer term analyses). Six FMPs in Uganda are intermittently not operational


? Active screening ongoing in 14 active IOM-supported PoE sites, namely: Yei airstrip, Yei SSRRC, Tokori, Lasu, Kaya, Bazi, Salia Musala,

Okaba, Khor Kaya (along Busia Uganda Border) in Morobo County,

Pure, Kerwa, Khorijo, Birigo in Lainya County and Bori ? Training of screeners/volunteers on EVD screening is currently ongoing in Isebi PoE in Lujulu Payam where a screening site is set to be operational in the coming days

Source: International Organization for Migration