Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update 26 (24 – 30 June 2019)



? This week, the EVD team accessed Isebi Boma, Lujulo County and identified a location for the construction of a PoE. The location had been inaccessible since March 2019 due to insecurity

? An assessment of broken down hand pump was done in Isebi. Mobilisation of bohole repaire will commence next week to ensure safe access to clean water for communities living around the PoEs

? Two tents were erected at Bazi and Morobo PoEs respectively to complement the temporary shades that had previously been used as primary screening tents but which had deteriorated due to harsh weather conditions


? DTM continued to operate 21 FMPs on the border with DRC, Uganda and the Central African Republic. Six of these are operated in cooperation with DTM Uganda on the Ugandan side of the border


? Active screening ongoing in 14 active IOM-supported PoE sites, namely: Yei airstrip, Yei SSRRC, Tokori, Lasu, Kaya, Bazi, Salia Musala, Okaba, Khor Kaya (along Busia Uganda Border) in Morobo County, Pure, Kerwa, Khorijo, Birigo in Lainya County and Bori

Source: International Organization for Migration