Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update 1 (31 December 2018-6 January 2019)


? IOM attended the National Task Force (NTF) meeting on 3 January. Yei State Task Force will meet 2nd week of January.

? IOM held a meeting held with stakeholders in Kaya (Morobo County). The consensus reached was for IOM to open a PoE screening site in Bazi. The location for the screening site has been identified.

? Meeting also held in Khorijo and Pure with the Humanitarian Coordinator and the community leaders.

They are committed to support IOM’s work. The following are PoEs list identified and recommended for potential establishment of the new screening points:

Bazi, Busia, Kerwa, Goboro, Jalle, Salia musala, and others in Lujulo county. total of 3,325 individuals during this reporting period.


? Community Health and hygiene promoters continued with hygiene promotion activities in morobo and Kajo keji (pure) through house to house visits, water point sessions, market sessions, public sessions, child-to-child sessions, as well as jerry can cleaning campaigns, reaching approximately 2,865 individuals (509 male, 693 female, 807 boys and 856 girls)

? In Khorijo (Kajo Keji) HHPs team focus on EVD mass awareness campaign among the community with 1,142 individual targeted

? Hygiene promotion messages on EVD awareness, proper handwashing with soap and water and safe water chain was carried out in Morokonye and Attende Bomas in Gimunu payam, as well as the SSRRC screening point, reaching a total of 1,425 individuals

? Borehole repairs and rehabilitation at Tokori is on hold due to insecurity in the area

Source: International Organization for Migration