DTM South Sudan: Wau PoC sites and collective centres – Population Count (Data collection January 2020)

In January, the monthly population count was conducted at Cathedral, Nazareth, St. Joseph, Lokoloko and Masna collective centres where a total of 10,414 individuals were identified. This compares to an overall collective centre population of 11,828 in December 2019. Cathedral’s population decreased by 23 per cent (1,047 individuals) between December 2019 and January 2020. The population of Wau PoC AA site increased from 12,664 individuals in December 2019 to 13,243 individuals in January 2020 representing 5 per cent increase.

Since biometric registrations or verifications are not feasible on a monthly basis, population counts remain the best possible tool to estimate the sites’ populations.

Population counts consist of DTM teams visiting each shelter of the site asking how many persons have slept there the previous night (sex and age disaggregated). This provides a snapshot of the population at the time of the count.

Source: International Organization for Migration