DTM South Sudan: Wau PoC sites and collective centres – Headcount/Registration (Data collection August 2019)

Wau Town features one protection of civilians (PoC) site and five collective centres in which IOM DTM conducts monthly headcounts to monitor changing population dynamics and displacement trends. In August 2019, the monthly count was conducted in Cathedral, Nazareth, St. Joseph, Lokoloko and Masna collective centres where a total of 16,097 individuals were identified.

Biometric registration was conducted in Wau PoC AA in August 2019 in which a total of 13,042 individuals were registered (a 1% increase over the previously provided figure in July, which was based on the fixing exercise and which missed some protection and complaint cases). This brings the population of all the six locations to 29,139, a 9% increase since July.

Source: International Organization for Migration