DTM South Sudan: COVID-19 Preparedness & Response: Mobility Update Week 9 (18-24 May 2020)


As of 24 May 2020 the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Sudan stands at 655 of which 95 per cent were recorded in Juba. As per a presidential communication on 18 May 2020, a new National Taskforce Committee on Coronavirus Disease is to continue activities previously carried out by the HighLevel Taskforce Committee on COVID-19.

According to the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) the relaxation of restrictive congregation and travel measures announced on 8 May 2020 have caused market and trade activities to rebound but that concerns for the “direct impacts of COVID-19 on the food security of at-risk households” remain.

Efforts to prevent further spread of the virus remain by implementing policies such as forced quarantine and movement restrictions remained curtailed during this reporting period by limited resources as highlighted by the escape of 24 persons who were to remain in quarantine in Kapoeta South County due to insufficient food supplies.
DTM gathered data on 19 displacement sites, 33 land borders, 14 in-country transit hubs and 7 airports.
Among monitored non-displacement site locations (54), DTM found that the movement of persons had halted at 17 (31%) but that travel continued without interruption at 23 (43%) or through alternative nearby points (9 or 17%). Temperature screening was conducted at six locations (11%), handwashing stations were available at 21 (39%) and risk communication was carried out at nearly half of locations (26 or 48%).

Temperature screening was recorded as being available at 3 out of 19 tracked displacement sites (16%) but nearly all made handwashing stations available (17 sites or 89%). Some form of risk communication was carried out at all tracked displacement sites.


Source: International Organization for Migration