DTM South Sudan: Bentiu PoC – December Headcount (25 – 29 July 2019)

The Bentiu Protection of Civilian (PoC) site was established in December 2013. As of July 2019, 145,003 beneficiaries remained registered in the site. However, recognizing that there have been significant population changes since the last biometric registration, IOM DTM conducts regular headcounts to monitor population dynamics and displacement trends

As per the July 2019 headcount, the population stands at 103,424 individuals (18,140 households). Whilst DTM observed a decrease of over 13,000 individuals between January and March 2019, the population has since seen a slight net increase (3%). Displacement site flow monitoring suggests that this increase could in large part be due to new arrivals from Sudan.

Children under the age of five constitute 35.6 per cent of the PoC site’s population. Overall, 52.2 per cent of the population are male and 47.8 per cent are female

Overall, the population of Bentiu PoC site has seen a net increase of three per cent since March 2019. The most significant drop in population occurred in sector 1 where the number of residents decreased by 11 per cent followed by sector 5 (4%), the site’s most populous sector. Both sector 3 and 4 grew by 14 and 16 per cent respectively (a combined 6,084 individuals more than in March 2019).

The two blocks with the largest population were found in sector 5 (block 9: 2,773 individuals) and 1 (block 7: 2,759).

Source: International Organization for Migration