DTM IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix: Flow Monitoring Registry – February 2020

DTM’s Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR) surveys people on the move at key transit points within South Sudan (SSD) and at its borders. It provides an insight into mobility trends, migration drivers and traveller profiles to inform programming by humanitarian and development partners and by the government. In total, 39 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) were active in February 2020, surveying internal flows and cross-border travel with Uganda (UGA), the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan (SDN) and the Central African Republic (CAR). Three FMPs operated on the Ugandan side of the border were deactivated on 31 January and replaced by new FMPs on the South Sudanese side: Kaya FMP (Morobo County) replaced Oraba; Pure and Kerwa FMPs (Kajo-Keji) partly replaced the former point in the Ugandan village of Kerwa (except for a route to Korijo camp); and Owiny Ki Bul FMP was activated on a busier route between Magwi County and Uganda than that covered by the former FMP Aweno Olwiyo. Figures are only indicative of existing trends among respondents at the active FMPs since DTM does not have full coverage of cross-border or internal flows. Participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous.

Source: Democratic Republic of the Congo