DTM IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix: Flow Monitoring Registry – April 2019

DTM’s Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR) surveys people on the move at key transit points within South Sudan (SSD) and at its borders. It provides an insight into mobility trends, migration drivers and traveller profiles to inform programming by humanitarian and development partners and by the government.

In total, 28 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) were active in April 2019, surveying internal flows and cross-border travel with Uganda (UGA), the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan (SDN) and the Central African Republic (CAR). DTM opened 4 new FMPs in April: Birigo (Lainya County), Lasu, Logobero and Lutaya (Yei County). Yei RRC was replaced by Logobero and Lutaya.

Key Insights

An improved questionnaire was rolled out during the second half of May, halting data collection for 2-3 days per FMP. The new questionnaire will enable DTM to more accurately capture mobility patterns among refugees and improve tracking of reasons for migration.

As in previous months, short-term travel driven by economic reasons, access to goods and services and family visits accounted for most of the flows with Uganda and the DRC.

Access to healthcare remained the key driver of migration to Sudan, while people moving from Sudan to South Sudan were mostly returning from voluntary travel.

2,473 individuals were forced to leave South Sudan for Uganda, accounting for 67.9% of reported displacement. The primary drivers were food insecurity (1,761 individuals) and generalised violence (419 individuals). 95.9% reported heading towards a refugee camp.

352 individuals were displaced from DRC to South Sudan, mostly South Sudanese nationals moving as a result of food insecurity and interrupted livelihoods.

318 individuals, almost half of whom Central African nationals, were displaced to South Sudan by the conflict in CAR.

Surveyed internal displacement fell from 310 individuals in March to 92 in April, driven by lower reported cases in Yei County.

2.8% of incoming and internal respondents reported return from displacement as their reason for travel, most of whom came from Uganda and DRC. By route, the share of returnees was highest for Sudan (21.2% of incoming flows).

The share of respondents reporting registered refugee status was highest among those travelling between South Sudan and Uganda (27.1%), followed by DRC (20.6%), CAR (16.8%) and Sudan (12.7%).

Source: International Organization for Migration