Derian during ordination ceremony: For upholding coexistence and Taef

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdel Latif Derian, underlined the sheer need for clinging to Muslim-Christian coexistence and the Taef Accord, as well as committing to the principles of civil peace.

Mufti Derian’s words on Tuesday came during his ordination ceremony, marking his assumption of his duties at Dar al-Fatwa.

The ceremony took place in the presence of scores of political, religious, official, diplomatic and social dignitaries.

“Protection of religion and human beings cannot be secured except through the protection of the nation and the state,” Derian said, indicating that preserving religion can be ensured through thwarting sedition and strife attempts.

The Mufti also stressed that the current circumstances endured by our region necessitates a united stand and struggle in which the word of truth, goodness and moderation elevates in the face of extremism, bloodshed, destruction and displacement.

The Mufti vehemently rejected any sorts of killings, violence or displacement carried out in the name of religion, affirming that the method of peace and moderation is that of Quran and Islamic documents which renounce violence in all its forms and stress the sanctity of blood and property.

Derian also called for commitment to the approaches of dialogue and co-existence among the various segments of the society, and the protection of the united national fabric from what he termed as a fabricated sectarian and confessional strife.

“We shall join hands with all the Lebanese with absolute determination and insistence on safeguarding the nation, the state and institutions,” Derain said, emphasizing that Dar Fatwa shall continue to work for the sake of civil and national peace.

The Mufti concluded by saying that Lebanon is a final homeland for all its sons, who are committed to its national coexistence, democratic system, Arab affiliation, religious freedoms, equal citizenship and national obligations.