Cynthia Harb Habchi, President of the International Qoubaiyat Festivals, on Tuesday announced the launch of 2024 summer festivals.

The event, attended by Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Makary, Caretaker Minister of Tourism, Walid Nassar, Egyptian Ambassador, Alaa Moussa, and other dignitaries, aimed to celebrate Lebanon’s resilience amidst adversity.

In her address, Harb declared, “Today, we gather to launch the International Qoubaiyat Festivals for summer 2024, amidst challenging circumstances facing our beloved southern Lebanon.”

Harb honored the resilience of the region and paid tribute to fallen martyrs in Lebanon and Gaza.

Highlighting the decision of other Lebanese festivals to suspend activities this year, Harb affirmed Qoubaiyat commitment to continuing with support from the Ministry of Tourism.

The festival’s program includes diverse events such as a free DJ event, concerts by Melhem Zein and Guy Manoukian, and a nature hike in Wadi Halsban.

Harb emphasized accessibility with affordabl
e transportation from Beirut and accommodations booking available through

Celebrating a decade of cultural contributions, she praised the festivals for revitalizing tourism and the local economy.

In turn, Information Minister, Ziad Makary said, ‘Wherever Lebanese women contribute, they flourish and symbolize progress and prosperity. I had wished to announce the launch of festivals in Tyre, Baalbek, and Jounieh this year, but I hope that next year will be better.”

Makary highlighted the festivals’ role in placing Akkar prominently on Lebanon’s cultural map and stressed the media’s vital role in promoting national unity and portraying Lebanon positively.

For his part, Tourism Minister Walid Nassar, commended Harb and the festival committee for their dedication, asserting, “The Qoubaiyat Festivals have firmly placed Akkar on the Lebanese map.”

Nassar encouraged Lebanese to showcase their country as a summer destination despite current challenges.

The tourism Minister also underscored the
festival’s impact on local development and announced governmental support for a new religious tourism project in Qoubaiyat.

Source: National news agency – Lebanon