MUSCAT: Omani celebrity Chef Issa al Lamki, along with students of the Al Bustan Palace Culinary Academy, will be making 30 exclusive dishes for iftar.

The dishes will be served for iftar at the Al Khiran restaurant at Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. As part of this endeavour, Chef Lamki on Tuesday taught nine students currently enrolled with the academy about traditional Ramadan cuisine, especially the spices used in it.

This was followed by a competition in which the students were asked to create their own signature dishes for Ramadan. A panel including Chef Lamki and Khatrin Herz, general manager selected the best three students.

The winning dishes will feature on the menu for iftar along with Chef Lamki’s signature dish, Shuwa Madrooba. “Omani spices are very popular in the region. They enhance the flavour of our dishes. One must know that the right combination of spices can lift any dish. Cooking is a combination of science, art and mathematics.”

Besides traditional items, he also plans to come up with fusion dishes for iftar. “We wanted to create a great experience for our guests during this Ramadan and hence we have come up with some real authentic Omanis dishes. As for the fusion dishes I will try them first and then I will also ask my mother and wife to taste them. I always consult them whenever I try something new,” he said. The iftar buffet at the Al Khiran restaurant will be priced at RO18.