Head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, wrote today on the “X” platform: ‘I visited the Patriarch at night and congratulated him on his safe return and informed him of the consultative round I had undertaken and its results.’ He continued: “He encouraged me to complete the consultation, and we agreed that electing a president of the republic is the basis for reconstituting power, and the key to addressing crises and stopping the disintegration of institutions, and that any decision that violates the Charter and the Constitution is a further attack on the state and national partnership.” Bassil added: “I also confirmed to the Patriarch our readiness to commit to a code of honor to support any president of the republic who is elected in an open election session if an agreement on a comprehensive name is not reached soon, if this helps end the vacuum and stop the disintegration of the state.’ “We agreed that it is the duty of the Parliament Council to end the presidential vacuum quickly and in accordance with the Constitution,” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Prime Minister Najib Mikati met this morning with King Abdullah II of Jordan, in the presence of the Kingdom’s Crown Prince, Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II. During the meeting, King Abdullah stressed “the need to intensify international efforts to stop the war on Gaza and prevent the expansion of the circle of conflict in the region.” The two parties stressed the importance of delivering uninterrupted humanitarian aid to the brothers in Gaza and supporting international relief organizations working in the Strip. The meeting discussed the situation in Lebanon, where King Abdullah affirmed “Jordan’s support for the efforts of the Lebanese brothers to enhance their stability.” For his part, PM Mikati praised Jordan’s efforts, under the leadership of His Majesty the King, in defending Arab issues and working towards peace and stability. Mikati stressed “the necessity of continuing efforts to stop the war in Gaza and reach a solution that keeps the Palestinians in their land, so that their cause remains alive and a just and final solution can be reached.”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


On Saturday, Chad summoned the Chargé d’Affairs at its embassy in Israel for consultations, in protest against the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation against civilians in the Gaza Strip. The Chadian Foreign Ministry condemned what it described as ‘the huge loss of civilian lives in Gaza,’ calling for a ceasefire that would lead to a permanent solution to the Palestinian issue. Chad and Israel have had diplomatic relations since the era of former President Idriss Deby, which developed during the period of his son, General Mohamed Deby, who visited Israel at the beginning of this year and met a number of officials there. The Israeli aggression against Gaza continues for the 29th day in a row, leaving so far 9,500 martyrs, including 3,900 children and 2,509 women.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon


Head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea said on Thursday that war should not reach Lebanon because it will destroy the country, adding that we must do the impossible to prevent it. He said, “Should we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the Hezbollah? The Lebanese government must implement Resolution 1701.” Geagea, in an interview on LBCI, believed that the Palestinian cause is not just talk, adding that it consists of restoring rights to the Palestinian people, asking: “Is the Palestinian living the victory of October 7? Strength is not confronted only with other strength but with strength that ‘achieves results.’ What did the Palestinian gain today from the war other than facing poverty and death?” He also believed that “Hamas unintentionally saved Israel as the October 7 operation led to international sympathy with Israel. ‘What has the Axis of Resistance done for the Palestinian cause for 80 years until today?” he asked. Geagea considered that “the decision of war and peace is hijacked by Hezbollah and Iran,” pointing out that “no one is more involved in the Palestinian cause than Yasser Arafat, who reached the conviction that he must go to the ‘other way.’ On another note, Geagea stressed that Mahmoud Abbas ‘is the dearest official in the world to him,’ adding that he is more committed to the Palestinian cause than many others. Geagea called for a real solution to the Palestinian issue and affirmed full solidarity with the people of Gaza. Geagea also stressed that “war must not happen.’ ‘If we enter the war, Hezbollah will have committed a major crime,” he said. “Our humanitarian stance towards Shiite citizens is one thing, and our political stance towards Hezbollah is entirely different,” he continued.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

Latest updates of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” launched by Palestinian resistance

Occupied Jerusalem, Following are the most important updates of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” launched by the Palestinian resistance:

-Media outlets: 40 ambulances enter Rafah border crossing to transfer a number of wounded Palestinians from Gaza Strip.

-Palestinian resistance targets Zionist ground forces by a drone in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip

_Palestinian media: Israeli occupation aircraft shell areas near al-Shifa Hospital, while occupation artillery shell east of central Gaza, the east of al-Zeitoun neighborhood and Khan Yunis and Rafah, southern Gaza Strip.

– Palestinian Resistance destroys a Zionist vehicle east of al-Zeitoun neighborhood with a “Yassin 105” missile in response to massacres committed by Israeli occupation.

– World Health: The tragedy of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip continues while the world remains silent.

– Israeli Defense Minister admits that killing Israeli occupation soldiers in confrontations with Palestinian resistance in Gaza is a painful and hard blow.

– Israeli occupation army admits the killing of 9 of its soldiers after their armored vehicle was targeted by an anti-tank missile in northern Gaza Strip.

– Palestinian media: 8 martyrs in a bombing by Israeli occupation aircraft on a house in Jabalia camp in northern Gaza Strip.

– Palestinian media: 12 Palestinians martyred, 40 others injured in a bombing by Israeli occupation aircraft on two homes in Khan Yunis City, southern Gaza Strip.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

Bolivia severs diplomatic ties with (Israel) in solidarity with the Palestinian people

La Paz, Bolivia has announced the severing of all diplomatic relations with the Israeli occupation entity, in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli aggression launched against the besieged Gaza Strip.

Upon receiving Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Bolivia at the Presidential Palace in the capital, La Paz, on Tuesday, Bolivian President Luis Arce condemned the war crimes committed by the occupation forces in Gaza.

He stressed his country’s support for international initiatives to secure the entry of humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip in line with international law.

President Arce stressed that it is not possible to remain silent and continue to allow the suffering of the Palestinian people, especially children and women, who have the right to live in safety and peace.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency