Caretaker Minister of National Defense, Maurice Sleem, on Thursday met in his office at the ministry, with Irish House Speaker, Seon O Fearghail, at the head of an accompanying delegation. The meeting touched on the relations between Lebanon and Ireland at all levels, especially the role of the Irish contingent operating within UNIFIL in south Lebanon. Fearghail touched on the incident with the Irish contingent that took place in the south last December, and thanked the Lebanese authorities for their keenness to hold the aggressors accountable. Caretaker Minister Sleem hailed the sacrifices of UNIFIL peacekeeping soldiers, in general, and that of the Irish contingent, in particular, and the role played by the UNIFIL force in south Lebanon in maintaining stability in the region in close cooperation with the Lebanese army, and the close relationship between UNIFIL peacekeepers and the residents of the south. The meeting also touched on the economic crisis that weighs heavily on Lebanon, and the importance of electing a president of the republic as soon as possible to restore order to the constitutional authorities.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon