Cabinet approves institute, centre bylaw at GJU

The Cabinet Sunday approved the institute and centre bylaw at the German Jordanian University (GJU) for 2023 and an amendment to the university employees bylaw. The new institute and centre bylaw at the GJU aims to establish institutes and centres at the university to achieve scientific goals in research, training, consulting, services, or special programmes. The amendment to the employee bylaw at the university would take into account not considering official holidays part of the staff’s annual leave. The Cabinet approved the action plan for the human resources strategy of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) for 2023-2027 related to the “human resources” component of the public sector modernisation vision. The Cabinet approved the Jordanian archaeological heritage management strategy for 2023-2027 in line with the measures the government is implementing as part of the economic modernisation vision. Amongst the Cabinet’s decisions is to approve the recommendations of the Committee for Settlement of Outstanding Issues between Taxpayers and the Income and Sales Tax Department to settle the tax cases against 1,431 companies and individuals. The Cabinet approved the recommendations of the Committee to Consider Pending Claims between flouters and the Jordanian Customs Department to settle 30 cases.

Source: Jordan News Agency