Burhan appoints former generals as ambassadors to Sudan’s neighbouring countries

The head of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, appointed five retired army and police generals as ambassadors in several neighbouring countries.

According to a decree issued on June 28, seen by the Sudan Tribune, al-Burhan appointed as ambassadors in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lt-Gen Fateh Al-Rahman Mohi al-Din Salih Mohamed, Lt-Gen Jamal Abdel-Majid Qasm-Alsyd, Lt-Gen Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Police Lt-Gen Osman Mohamed Younis and Police Maj-Gen Bushra Ahmed Idris.

Identical sources confirmed to the Sudan Tribune that the head of the military-led Sovereign Council was appointed as Ambassador to South Sudan the director of military intelligence and General Intelligence Service Qasm-Alsyd.

Meanwhile, the former Deputy Director-General of Police, Younis, was appointed ambassador to Chad.

For his part, Idris was picked to serve as Sudan’s Ambassador to the Central African Republic.

It was not possible to identify the countries to which Lt-Gens Salih Mohamed and Ibrahim will go, but they are supposed to serve in Eritrea and Libya.

After the military coup of October 25, 2021, Salih Mohamed used to appear on the national and ban-Arab TV channels to defend the decisions and positions of the military component.

Last year, al-Burhan dismissed a number of diplomats appointed by the civilian government after their rejection of the coup.

Recently, he announced his readiness to hand over power to a civilian government while retaining the security and defence sectors as well as sovereign powers related to these sectors, including foreign policy.

Observers point out that a-Burhan who spent most of his military career in the border army plans to expand his control to the diplomatic relations with the neighbouring countries as the military intelligence monitors non-signatory armed groups in anticipation of the resumption of the rebellion in Darfur and South Kordofan.

Source: Sudan Tribune