Azzi from Cairo: We want rights for Arab populations, not donations

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Minister of Labor, Sejaan Azzi, who is currently participating in the Arab Labor Conference in Cairo, on Tuesday delivered Lebanon’s word where he stressed that the Arab populations needed to be given their rights instead of donations.

“I come from Lebanon, where there is no president of the republic. A country that is waiting for the liberation of democracy, independence, and sovereignty, as well as for a new head who shall assume his role in defending the causes of his country and of the Arab world, such as the Palestinian Cause, justice and fighting terrorism,” he said.

“In Lebanon just like in Gaza we are exposed to hostilities and aggressions, yet with a certain difference. Gaza is aggrieved by the Israeli enemy while Lebanon is full of Arab parties who lost the way to religion and nationalism and who fought their brothers instead of fighting the Israeli enemy,” he added.

“We need to heed social causes and those relevant to workers,” he went on to say.

“In fact, people want their right to freedom, labor, and education. If these conditions are met, we can save our countries and societies,” he argued.

He finally called for the repatriation of Syrian refugees in Syrian zones controlled by the regime or the rebels.