“Awqaf” in an advanced international workshop in Jordan

Ramallah – Ma’an – The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs participated through its representative from the General Directorate of Preaching and Guidance Wafa Ayyad, Director of Da’wa Research at an advanced workshop organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Jordan, entitled The Impact of Islamic Law and International Humanitarian Law on Humanitarian Challenges in Contemporary Armed Conflicts

Ayad explained the ministry’s representative in the workshop that he participated in a working paper entitled: “The role of imams and preachers in promoting humanitarian action in armed conflicts.”

He pointed out that he addressed in the paper rooting for humanitarian work in Islam and support the Islamic religion for any work in the best interest of man and humanity.

He said: “I mentioned in the paper the pillars that confirm the support of Islam for any humanitarian action, the most important of which is to honor and preserve the Islamic soul and respect for human.”

He continued: “I also reviewed the course of preachers, imams, preachers and jurists in the field of humanitarian work as partners for all humanitarian organizations and institutions in this framework, because of their clear and effective impact in enhancing the prospects for humanitarian action.”

The director of the research department pointed out that the workshop was attended by a group of scientists and specialists in the field of humanitarian work from different countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Yemen.

He pointed out that during which he dealt with several distinguished research titles that contribute to clarify the role and impact of Islamic law and international humanitarian law on humanitarian challenges in contemporary armed conflicts.

Source: Maan News Agency