Arabal Conference to Include Discussion Sessions on Aluminium Industry

Doha, November 03 (QNA) – The Arab International Aluminium Conference ‘Arabal’ – hosted by Qatalum in Doha during the period from 20 to 22 November – is scheduled to include discussion sessions and present work papers on a number of key topics on the aluminium industry.
 The Preparatory Committee of Arabal 2012 has announced that Day 2 will kick off with discussion sessions on the aluminium industry in China, the Chinese experience and industry-related developments.
 The sessions will be attended by key analysts in the China Metal Market including Powell Adkins, Director of AZ China Limited, and Chenguang Zhang, and Jacob Wan.
 The second discussion will include David Katting, director of Power Automotive Forecasting; Kevin Moore, Executive Director and Counsel of General Motors; and Shambhu Prasad, senior export at the Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consultancy (GOIC). This event will review the reality of auto industry in the areas of the economic downturn and its impact on the aluminium industry.
 The second day of the conference will also see number of key papers presented by experts – including George Vazquez, founder and managing director of the Harbour Unit for Aluminium Information, who will shed light on the reality of the global aluminium market during 2012 and his expectations for 2013.
 Allan Bell, CEO and general manager of Altec, will present a work paper on the aluminium industry, the environment, and the reduction in carbon emissions within the industry, as well as the challenges facing the aluminium industry in coping with environmental measures.
 For his part, Chris Divadas, President of Hydro Centre for Aluminium Technology in Qatar, will hold a workshop on the use of aluminium products in the Gulf region, while Bernie Cooper, Managing Director of Regin Ltd., will present a work paper on how to make the aluminium industry a safer place by focusing on the mechanisms needed to enhance safety standards.
 The event will conclude with a paper presented by Engineer Salam Al Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of Al Sharif Group. The paper will address the recycling of aluminium and the options and prospects for this industry in the Gulf region. It will also shed light on a number of case studies in this area. (QNA)

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