American Channel: Hezbollah in 2024 will be larger, better armed and stronger politically

The American channel “MSNBC” said that if war breaks out with Hezbollah, Israel will be working against an opponent that is not only the most powerful non-governmental entity in the Middle East, but an opponent that fights more effectively than most regular armies in the region.

The channel added that Hezbollah in 2024 is larger, better armed, more experienced and politically stronger than Hezbollah in 2006.

She pointed out that what the United States should do is make clear to Israeli officials, publicly and privately, that the United States does not support the war in Lebanon and will not rescue them if they start it.

The channel stressed that American officials must realize that in any war between Israel and Hezbollah, there is a possibility that Americans will not be immune from the consequences.

She pointed out that in any war with Hezbollah, millions of Israelis would live in shelters while major cities, from Tel Aviv to Haifa, would be exposed to a barrage of missiles that would be difficult to neu

She explained: The Israeli ground forces will fight against Hezbollah, as they have learned a lot about tactics, operations and military procedures after years of ground operations in Syria.

The channel said: It is difficult to imagine how a comprehensive war in Lebanon could achieve the goal of (returning settlers to the north), while it would result in enormous material and human damage to Israel.

She stressed that in the event of war, Hezbollah missiles could target Israel’s vital civilian infrastructure: airports, ports, electrical grids and power stations.

She noted: Hezbollah continues to boast about its ‘rebel roots,’ but it increasingly resembles an army with up to 200,000 rockets and missiles of various ranges.

The channel indicated that in any war with Hezbollah, the Israeli economy in the north would be much worse than it is today, with more Israelis withdrawing from the region to preserve their safety.

Source: Maan News Agency