Al-Sudani calls on the demonstrators to open a dialogue with the Prime Minister-designate and mobilize energies for the early elections

Baghdad / NINA / – Member of the Parliamentary Strategic Planning Committee, Mohammed Shi’a Al-Sudani, called on the demonstrators to push for a dialogue with the Prime Minister-designate and to go to mobilizing energies for the upcoming elections.

Al-Sudani said, “Our national duty requires us to work to facilitate the task of the Prime Minister-designate and support him in accomplishing his mission in restoring the prestige of the state and the rule of law, fighting corruption and preserving national sovereignty and removing the Iraqi political decision from external influences, and not to submit to the pressure of political forces and quota callers, and the commitment to go to early, free and fair elections away from the spoils and threats of armed and corrupt militants. “

He added, in a press statement: “While we respect the point of view of the people of the popular movement, we invite our uprising youth, looking for a better future, to go to close ranks and mobilize energies for the upcoming elections to present an honest elite befitting the representation of the Iraqi people and expressing their true will, and then its efforts will be resulted in the removal of the corrupt and failed class.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency