Al-Qawasmeh calls for accurate media to publish judo news

Hebron: – Nasser Al-Muhtaseb \ Director of Public Relations and Media at the Judo Federation – A well-known media organization published a false and misleading news about the participation of the Palestinian Judo Federation in the Arab Championship held in Amman recently, which caused a state of anger and public dissatisfaction among the judo and its circles. Where the Palestinian youth participating in the Arab championship has been offended in a way that is completely unacceptable, in terms of minimizing the positive participation and the results they have achieved are marked by the effort, race and unlimited patience by them.

For his part, the President of the Judo Federation, Muawiya Al-Qawasmeh expressed his outrage and deep dissatisfaction with the publication of such fabricated, false and misleading news, in a way that would offend the Palestinian sport and our heroic players. In order to preserve the credibility of the news published in the various media regarding the judo union, Al-Qawasmeh has a great role in the media coverage of the judo. Bad news of the Palestinian sport in general, and stressed that it is an important and respected partner in the process of building and the renaissance of Palestinian sports, especially judo, and wished everyone to abide by and adhere to this in the public interest, stressing that the Judo Union will not silence at all if repeated reprehensible shameful mistakes intended.

Source: Maan News Agency