Al- Hajiri: Qatar Tries Hard to End Humanitarian Tragedy in Syria

Doha, July 19 (QNA) – HE the Assistant Foreign Minister for Foreign Affairs Ali bin Fahad al-Hajri on Thursday stressed that the State of Qatar tried hard to put an end to the humanitarian tragedy in Syria and matched its words with actions.
 In his opening speech delivered at the third meeting of the Friends of the Syrian People International Working Group on Sanctions, held today at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, al-Hajri said that the State of Qatar has taken, among other measures, steps to ensure non-exploitation of the Qatari financial system by the Syrian regime in funding its brutal actions or in its attempts to circumvent the sanctions applied by the Friends of the Syrian people.
 Qatar’s Initiatives have received generous support and fruitful cooperation in the exchange of information by other members of the International Community, al-Hajri  emphasized, adding that this will contribute to the achievement of our goal.
   He stressed that through this constructive cooperation and mutual support, the sanctions can limit the resources needed by the Syrian regime to support its campaign of murder and brutal repression against the Syrian people.

HE the Assistant Foreign Minister for Foreign Affairs Ali bin Fahad al-Hajri said in his speech that the bloody practices of the Syrian regime show its continued refusal to fulfill its obligations to the International Community to stop the violence and bloodshed.
 In this regard, HE al-Hajri warned that the Syrian regime tried, in various ways, to exploit all initiatives and opportunities to thwart the regional and international efforts to put an end to the crisis in Syria.
  He stressed that the sanctions adopted by the group should be an effective means of pressure on this regime to force it to respond to the Syrian people’s legitimate demands which are internationally supported.
 Al-Hajri called for more sanctions to be imposed on the Syrian regime and its collaborators and further coordination among the member States to enhance the group’s effectiveness, as well as reducing the ability of the Syrian regime to circumvent these sanctions.
 HE the Assistant Foreign Minister praised the regional and international organizations an institutions for their efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis through many initiatives which were, unfortunately, rejected by the Syrian regime.
 In this context, he noted to the efforts made by the Arab League and its Secretary-General as well as the efforts of the Joint Special Envoy of the UN and the Arab League to Syria, wishing the meeting to achieve the desired objectives.
 The group’s first meeting was held on April 17 in the French capital Paris, while the second was held on June 6 in Washington.
 These meetings aim to achieve greater effectiveness in the implementation of strict measures and coordination of sanctions against the Syrian regime. (QNA)

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