Al-Bashir Opponents Now Denounce Military Government

After 30 years in power, Omar al-Bashir is no longer president of Sudan. But on Friday, a day after he was ousted, tens of thousands of people remained in the streets of the capital and other cities, denouncing the army’s plan to lead a transitional government that will take the country to new elections.

The largest demonstration took place outside army headquarters, where people who first assembled on Saturday to protest al-Bashir are now demanding the army put civilians in charge.

This group of protesters chanted “it fell once, it will fall again,” referring to the government.

Troops surrounded the area but did not stop the demonstrations.

Politician Amal Jabrallah, a leader in Sudan’s Communist Party, urged the crowds not to leave, saying the protests are not only about removing al-Bashir, but the whole Islamic regime.

Amal said that the nation has revolted and gave huge sacrifices to change the Islamic political regime, the National Islamic Front, and not only al-Bashir.

On Friday, a leader of the new military ruling council promised Sudan would eventually get a civilian government.

Also, the head of the military’s rapid support forces said on social media that he would support the Sudanese people’s choice of a civilian transitional government and refuse any other solution to the ongoing crisis.

However, tension in the capital remained high.

On Thursday, security forces attacked the protesters for the third time this week and were again pushed back by army troops. One person was killed in a shooting.

Overnight, protesters ignored an army curfew. And on Friday, shooting was heard inside army headquarters. The source of the shooting was unclear.

Source: Voice of America